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The Markwolfs

We are a small group of friends, mostly from the city Aschaffenburg in northern Bavaria, committed to Reenactment or Living History and Combat Reenactment of Western or Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA)... read more


The core of our hobby is the attempt to portray past eras as authentic as possible. In case of the Markwolfs the European early middle ages. For this purpose we utilize reconstruction methods similar to those used in the field of experimental archaeology...


We possess a complete early middle age style camp. Including several tents (vikingtens in oseberg style and saxon tents) with matching interior, awnings and so on...

Historical European Martial Arts

Our HEMA focus lies on competition and sports more than on historical authenticity and accuracy. Like in other modern martial arts we first of all want to ensure fair and safe fights...


Our training usually takes place each Sunday at 2pm in the park of Nilkheim. If you want to fight, chat or tinker you are welcome to join us... read more